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Issue #3250587 by lauriii, bnjmnm:...

Issue #3250587 by lauriii, bnjmnm: \Drupal\Tests\ckeditor5\FunctionalJavascript\CKEditor5Test::testEditorFileReferenceIntegration fails on PostgreSQL

(cherry picked from commit 40a0e8a2)
parent f6ffe6ae
......@@ -381,7 +381,10 @@ public function testEditorFileReferenceIntegration() {
$this->assertNotEmpty($image_upload_field = $page->find('css', '.ck-file-dialog-button input[type="file"]'));
$image = $this->getTestFiles('image')[0];
// Wait until preview for the image has rendered to ensure that the image
// upload has completed and the image has been downcast.
// @see
$this->assertNotEmpty($assert_session->waitForElement('css', '.ck-content img[data-entity-uuid]'));
$uploaded_image = File::load(1);
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