Commit 6d0a2eaa authored by xjm's avatar xjm

Issue #2927766 by Wim Leers: Update ResponseGeneratorTest to use the...

Issue #2927766 by Wim Leers: Update ResponseGeneratorTest to use the BrowserTestBase base class instead of the deprecated RESTTestBase
parent 8d06691e
namespace Drupal\system\Tests\System;
namespace Drupal\Tests\system\Functional\System;
use Drupal\rest\Tests\RESTTestBase;
use Drupal\rest\Entity\RestResourceConfig;
use Drupal\Tests\BrowserTestBase;
* Tests to see if generator header is added.
* @group system
class ResponseGeneratorTest extends RESTTestBase {
class ResponseGeneratorTest extends BrowserTestBase {
* Modules to install.
......@@ -25,8 +26,7 @@ protected function setUp() {
$this->drupalCreateContentType(['type' => 'page', 'name' => 'Basic page']);
$permissions = $this->entityPermissions('node', 'view');
$account = $this->drupalCreateUser($permissions);
$account = $this->drupalCreateUser(['access content']);
......@@ -54,14 +54,14 @@ public function testGeneratorHeaderAdded() {
// Enable cookie-based authentication for the entity:node REST resource.
/** @var \Drupal\rest\RestResourceConfigInterface $resource_config */
$resource_config = $this->resourceConfigStorage->load('entity.node');
$resource_config = RestResourceConfig::load('entity.node');
$configuration = $resource_config->get('configuration');
$configuration['authentication'][] = 'cookie';
$resource_config->set('configuration', $configuration)->save();
// Tests to see if this also works for a non-html request
$this->httpRequest($node->urlInfo()->setOption('query', ['_format' => 'hal_json']), 'GET');
$this->drupalGet($node->toUrl()->setOption('query', ['_format' => 'hal_json']));
$this->assertEqual('application/hal+json', $this->drupalGetHeader('Content-Type'));
$this->assertEqual($expectedGeneratorHeader, $this->drupalGetHeader('X-Generator'));
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