Commit 3bc98cb7 authored by catch's avatar catch
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Issue #1118404 by Damien Tournoud, keichee, bfroehle: Fixed 'Manual updates required' table broken.

parent 6bde912a
......@@ -162,10 +162,16 @@ function update_manager_update_form($form, $form_state = array(), $context) {
$needs_manual = $project['project_type'] == 'core';
if ($needs_manual) {
// Since it won't be tableselect, #weight will add an extra column to the
// table if it's defined, so just unset it. The order doesn't matter that
// much in the manual updates table, anyway.
// There are no checkboxes in the 'Manual updates' table so it will be
// rendered by theme('table'), not theme('tableselect'). Since the data
// formats are incompatible, we convert now to the format expected by
// theme('table').
$attributes = $entry['#attributes'];
$entry = array(
'data' => $entry,
) + $attributes;
else {
$form['project_downloads'][$name] = array(
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