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    Revert "Issue #1232416 by hanoii, nod_, heddn, geerlingguy, lokapujya,... · 1f6920c9
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    Revert "Issue #1232416 by hanoii, nod_, heddn, geerlingguy, lokapujya, David_Rothstein, mangy.fox, xurizaemon, timfernihough, jibran, effulgentsia, j0rd, joelpittet, temkin, slashrsm, maxi Todorov, leewillis77, droplet, showrx, orbiteleven, opdavies, rooby, yechuah, shabana.navas, nikunjkotecha, ehj-52n, jhedstrom, sah62, edutrul, rfay, seutje, drupalshrek: Drupal alerts "An AJAX HTTP request terminated abnormally" during normal site operation, confusing site visitors/editors"
    This reverts commit a3532b67
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