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Update paths on quick start recipe command

I'm happy to report that with these changes "Recipe Quick Start" reports green without any warnings (at least locally).

I am submitting a merge request so that I can test against the full test suite on Gitlab.

I saw that @catch just updated 11.0.x today, so I rebased and applied the changes on the tip of that. The original MR was done on 11.0.x, but then changed to 11.x, so I'm changing this MR to 11.x as well (thanks @larowlan for the branch clarification)

  • The "re-rolled patch" should include all previous changes by @mstrelan.
  • I am following the same pattern established by mstrelan in #3445847.
  • Updated testQuickStartRecipeCommand() to use $this->root.
  • My changes are only for tests/Drupal/Tests/Core/Recipe/RecipeQuickStartTest.php.

Local result:


Edited by Richard Allen

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