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Issue #2568247 by heddn, anavarre, gapple, mstrelan, Cottser, dawehner,...

Issue #2568247 by heddn, anavarre, gapple, mstrelan, Cottser, dawehner, joelpittet, alexpott, hoff331: Remove the Twig C extension requirement as it needs to be proven it's still relevant for modern PHP versions
parent fdb0db8e
......@@ -804,22 +804,6 @@ function system_requirements($phase) {
// Check if the Twig C extension is available.
if ($phase == 'runtime') {
$url = '';
$requirements['twig_c_extension'] = [
'title' => t('Twig C extension'),
'severity' => REQUIREMENT_INFO,
if (!function_exists('twig_template_get_attributes')) {
$requirements['twig_c_extension']['value'] = t('Not available');
$requirements['twig_c_extension']['description'] = t('Enabling the Twig C extension can greatly increase rendering performance. See <a href=":url">the installation instructions</a> for more detail.', [':url' => $url]);
else {
$requirements['twig_c_extension']['description'] = t('The <a href=":url">Twig C extension</a> is available', [':url' => $url]);
// Check xdebug.max_nesting_level, as some pages will not work if it is too
// low.
if (extension_loaded('xdebug')) {
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