Commit fb7f2c7c authored by webchick's avatar webchick

Issue #2077313 by Berdir: Remove unecessary BC decorator code from edit.module.

parent ba144426
......@@ -214,8 +214,6 @@ public function fieldForm(EntityInterface $entity, $field_name, $langcode, $view
// The form submission saved the entity in tempstore. Return the
// updated view of the field from the tempstore copy.
$entity = $this->tempStoreFactory->get('edit')->get($entity->uuid());
// @todo Remove when is complete.
$entity = $entity->getBCEntity();
$output = field_view_field($entity, $field_name, $view_mode_id, $langcode);
$response->addCommand(new FieldFormSavedCommand(drupal_render($output)));
......@@ -57,9 +57,6 @@ public function build(array $form, array &$form_state, EntityInterface $entity,
* Initialize the form state and the entity before the first form build.
protected function init(array &$form_state, EntityInterface $entity, $field_name) {
// @todo Remove when is complete.
$entity = $entity->getBCEntity();
// @todo Rather than special-casing $node->revision, invoke prepareEdit()
// once lands.
if ($entity->entityType() == 'node') {
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