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Issue #2075889 by kgoel, pwolanin, catch, YesCT, dawehner, mpdonadio,...

Issue #2075889 by kgoel, pwolanin, catch, YesCT, dawehner, mpdonadio, johnshortess, Crell, mradcliffe, alexpott, webchick, ohthehugemanatee: Document that Drupal will handle incoming paths in a consistent and case-insensitive fashion for routing
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......@@ -43,7 +43,10 @@
* by the machine name of the module that defines the route, or the name of
* a subsystem.
* - The 'path' line gives the URL path of the route (relative to the site's
* base URL).
* base URL). Note: The path in Drupal is treated case insensitive so
* /example and /EXAmplE should return the same page.
* @todo Fix to actually get this
* behaviour.
* - The 'defaults' section tells how to build the main content of the route,
* and can also give other information, such as the page title and additional
* arguments for the route controller method. There are several possibilities
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