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Issue #3178273 by longwave: BasicAuthTestTrait::basicAuthPostForm() does not work

parent 8e416f13
......@@ -26,35 +26,6 @@ protected function basicAuthGet($path, $username, $password, array $options = []
return $this->drupalGet($path, $options, $this->getBasicAuthHeaders($username, $password));
* Executes a form submission using basic authentication.
* @param string $path
* Location of the post form.
* @param array $edit
* Field data in an associative array.
* @param string $submit
* Value of the submit button whose click is to be emulated.
* @param string $username
* The username to use for basic authentication.
* @param string $password
* The password to use for basic authentication.
* @param array $options
* Options to be forwarded to the url generator.
* @param string $form_html_id
* (optional) HTML ID of the form to be submitted.
* @param string $extra_post
* (optional) A string of additional data to append to the POST submission.
* @return string
* The retrieved HTML string.
* @see \Drupal\simpletest\WebTestBase::drupalPostForm()
protected function basicAuthPostForm($path, $edit, $submit, $username, $password, array $options = [], $form_html_id = NULL, $extra_post = NULL) {
return $this->drupalPostForm($path, $edit, $submit, $options, $this->getBasicAuthHeaders($username, $password), $form_html_id, $extra_post);
* Returns HTTP headers that can be used for basic authentication in Curl.
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