Commit f0373449 authored by Steven Wittens's avatar Steven Wittens

- #28868 fixes: better display of messages and code cleanup

parent 718b88e5
......@@ -1679,22 +1679,25 @@ function system_update_176() {
function system_update_177() {
$ret = array();
$message_ids = array(
'welcome_subject' => 'Welcome subject',
'welcome_body' => 'Welcome body text',
'approval_subject' => 'Approval subject',
'approval_body' => 'Approval body text',
'pass_subject' => 'Password reset subject',
'pass_body' => 'Password reset body text',
foreach ($message_ids as $message_id) {
if ($admin_setting = variable_get('user_mail_' . $message_id, FALSE)) {
$admin_setting = '<pre>'. $admin_setting .'</pre>'; //else it renders horrible
foreach ($message_ids as $message_id => $message_text) {
if ($admin_setting = variable_get('user_mail_'. $message_id, FALSE)) {
// Insert newlines and escape for display as HTML
$admin_setting = nl2br(check_plain($message_text ."\n\n". $admin_setting));
watchdog('legacy', $admin_setting);
$last = db_fetch_object(db_query('SELECT max(wid) AS wid FROM {watchdog}'));
variable_del('user_mail_'. $message_id); //deleting is requird, because _user_mail_text() checks for existance.
$ret[$i]['query'] = l(t('The mail template %message_id is reset to the default, and the old one is saved.', array('%message_id' => 'user_mail_'. $message_id)),'admin/logs/event/'. $last->wid);
$ret[$i]['success'] = TRUE;
// Deleting is required, because _user_mail_text() checks for the existance of the variable.
variable_del('user_mail_'. $message_id);
$ret[] = array(
'query' => strtr('The mail template %message_id has been reset to the default. The old template <a href="%url">has been saved</a>.', array('%message_id' => 'user_mail_'. $message_id, '%url' => url('admin/logs/event/'. $last->wid))),
'success' => TRUE
return $ret;
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