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#895140 by alexpott, jp.stacey, matason, David_Rothstein: Fixed...

#895140 by alexpott, jp.stacey, matason, David_Rothstein: Fixed _system_rebuild_module/theme_data() choose 6.x over 7.x versions.
parent 97c6a237
......@@ -4983,7 +4983,8 @@ function drupal_cron_cleanup() {
* the file name ($key = 'filename'), the file name without the extension ($key
* = 'name'), or the full file stream URI ($key = 'uri'). If you use a key of
* 'filename' or 'name', files found later in the search will take precedence
* over files found earlier; if you choose a key of 'uri', you will get all
* over files found earlier (unless they belong to a module or theme not
* compatible with Drupal core); if you choose a key of 'uri', you will get all
* files found.
* @param string $mask
......@@ -5037,7 +5038,31 @@ function drupal_system_listing($mask, $directory, $key = 'name', $min_depth = 1)
require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/';
foreach ($searchdir as $dir) {
$files = array_merge($files, file_scan_directory($dir, $mask, array('key' => $key, 'min_depth' => $min_depth)));
$files_to_add = file_scan_directory($dir, $mask, array('key' => $key, 'min_depth' => $min_depth));
// Duplicate files found in later search directories take precedence over
// earlier ones, so we want them to overwrite keys in our resulting
// $files array.
// The exception to this is if the later file is from a module or theme not
// compatible with Drupal core. This may occur during upgrades of Drupal
// core when new modules exist in core while older contrib modules with the
// same name exist in a directory such as sites/all/modules/.
foreach (array_intersect_key($files_to_add, $files) as $key => $file) {
// If it has no info file, then we just behave liberally and accept the
// new resource on the list for merging.
if (file_exists($info_file = dirname($file->uri) . '/' . $file->name . '.info')) {
// Get the .info file for the module or theme this file belongs to.
$info = drupal_parse_info_file($info_file);
// If the module or theme is incompatible with Drupal core, remove it
// from the array for the current search directory, so it is not
// overwritten when merged with the $files array.
if (isset($info['core']) && $info['core'] != DRUPAL_CORE_COMPATIBILITY) {
$files = array_merge($files, $files_to_add);
return $files;
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