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Issue #2141221 by thedavidmeister, joachim, anemes: Add docs to hook_update_N...

Issue #2141221 by thedavidmeister, joachim, anemes: Add docs to hook_update_N to explain the sandbox usage
parent 7f2dfdee
......@@ -1888,25 +1888,32 @@ function hook_install() {
* hooks. See @link update_api Update versions of API functions @endlink for
* details.
* If your update task is potentially time-consuming, you'll need to implement a
* multipass update to avoid PHP timeouts. Multipass updates use the $sandbox
* parameter provided by the batch API (normally, $context['sandbox']) to store
* information between successive calls, and the $sandbox['#finished'] value
* to provide feedback regarding completion level.
* See the batch operations page for more information on how to use the
* @link Batch API. @endlink
* @param $sandbox
* The $sandbox parameter should be used when a multipass update is needed, in
* circumstances where running the whole update at once could cause PHP to
* timeout. Each pass is run in a way that avoids PHP timeouts, provided each
* pass remains under the timeout limit. To signify that an update requires
* at least one more pass, set $sandbox['#finished'] to a number less than 1
* (you need to do this each pass). The value of $sandbox['#finished'] will be
* unset between passes but all other data in $sandbox will be preserved. The
* system will stop iterating this update when $sandbox['#finished'] is left
* unset or set to a number higher than 1. It is recommended that
* $sandbox['#finished'] is initially set to 0, and then updated each pass to a
* number between 0 and 1 that represents the overall % completed for this
* update, finishing with 1.
* See the @link batch Batch operations topic @endlink for more information on
* how to use the Batch API.
* @param array $sandbox
* Stores information for multipass updates. See above for more information.
* @throws \Drupal\Core\Utility\UpdateException, PDOException
* @throws \Drupal\Core\Utility\UpdateException|PDOException
* In case of error, update hooks should throw an instance of
* Drupal\Core\Utility\UpdateException with a meaningful message for the user.
* If a database query fails for whatever reason, it will throw a
* PDOException.
* @return
* @return string|null
* Optionally, update hooks may return a translated string that will be
* displayed to the user after the update has completed. If no message is
* returned, no message will be presented to the user.
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