Commit de552d33 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy
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#40934 by catch and fajerstarter: remove admin search page as it was broken...

#40934 by catch and fajerstarter: remove admin search page as it was broken and the same as the usual search page anyway
parent 900fc402
......@@ -70,11 +70,6 @@ function node_configure_rebuild_confirm_submit($form, &$form_state) {
function node_admin_search() {
$keys = isset($_POST['keys']) ? $_POST['keys'] : NULL;
return drupal_get_form('search_form', url('admin/content/search'), $keys, 'node') . search_data($keys, 'node');
* Implementation of hook_node_operations().
......@@ -47,8 +47,6 @@ function node_help($path, $arg) {
return $output;
case 'admin/content/node':
return ' '; // Return a non-null value so that the 'more help' link is shown.
case 'admin/content/search':
return '<p>'. t('Enter a simple pattern to search for a post. Words are matched exactly. Phrases can be surrounded by quotes to do an exact search.') .'</p>';
case 'admin/content/types':
return '<p>'. t('Below is a list of all the content types on your site. All posts that exist on your site are instances of one of these content types.') .'</p>';
case 'admin/content/types/add':
......@@ -1250,16 +1248,6 @@ function node_menu() {
'weight' => -10,
if (module_exists('search')) {
$items['admin/content/search'] = array(
'title' => 'Search content',
'description' => 'Search content by keyword.',
'page callback' => 'node_admin_search',
'access arguments' => array('administer nodes'),
'file' => '',
$items['admin/content/node-settings'] = array(
'title' => 'Post settings',
'description' => 'Control posting behavior, such as teaser length, requiring previews before posting, and the number of posts on the front page.',
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