Commit db33fb11 authored by aspilicious's avatar aspilicious Committed by tim.plunkett
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Issue #1626396 by aspilicious: Adapt to changes in role machine names.

parent 51ab7a50
......@@ -718,17 +718,17 @@ function node_views_analyze($view) {
if (empty($access['type']) || $access['type'] == 'none') {
$select = db_select('role', 'r');
$select->innerJoin('role_permission', 'p', 'r.rid = p.rid');
$result = $select->fields('r', array('name'))
$result = $select->fields('r', array('rid'))
->fields('p', array('permission'))
->condition('', array('anonymous user', 'authenticated user'), 'IN')
->condition('r.rid', array('anonymous', 'authenticated'), 'IN')
->condition('p.permission', 'access content')
foreach ($result as $role) {
$role->safe = TRUE;
$roles[$role->name] = $role;
$roles[$role->rid] = $role;
if (!($roles['anonymous user']->safe && $roles['authenticated user']->safe)) {
if (!($roles['anonymous']->safe && $roles['authenticated']->safe)) {
$ret[] = views_ui_analysis(t('Some roles lack permission to access content, but display %display has no access control.', array('%display' => $display->display_title)), 'warning');
$filters = $display->handler->get_option('filters');
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