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Issue #1050606 by jhodgdon, bxtaylor: Fixed menu_tree_data() doc needs more detail.

parent 6a30c869
......@@ -1501,18 +1501,30 @@ function _menu_tree_check_access(&$tree) {
* Build the data representing a menu tree.
* Builds the data representing a menu tree.
* @param $links
* An array of links (associative arrays) ordered by p1..p9.
* A flat array of menu links that are part of the menu. Each array element
* is an associative array of information about the menu link, containing the
* fields from the {menu_links} table, and optionally additional information
* from the {menu_router} table, if the menu item appears in both tables.
* This array must be ordered depth-first. See _menu_build_tree() for a sample
* query.
* @param $parents
* An array of the plid values that represent the path from the current page
* to the root of the menu tree.
* An array of the menu link ID values that are in the path from the current
* page to the root of the menu tree.
* @param $depth
* The minimum depth of any link in the $links array.
* The minimum depth to include in the returned menu tree.
* @return
* See menu_tree_page_data for a description of the data structure.
* An array of menu links in the form of a tree. Each item in the tree is an
* associative array containing:
* - link: The menu link item from $links, with additional element
* 'in_active_trail' (TRUE if the link ID was in $parents).
* - below: An array containing the sub-tree of this item, where each element
* is a tree item array with 'link' and 'below' elements. This array will be
* empty if the menu item has no items in its sub-tree having a depth
* greater than or equal to $depth.
function menu_tree_data(array $links, array $parents = array(), $depth = 1) {
// Reverse the array so we can use the more efficient array_pop() function.
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