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- Patch #1079214 by drewish: drupal_goto() doc says 'either' but presents only one alternative.

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......@@ -626,14 +626,15 @@ function drupal_encode_path($path) {
* This issues an on-site HTTP redirect. The function makes sure the redirected
* URL is formatted correctly.
* Usually the redirected URL is constructed from this function's input
* parameters. However you may override that behavior by setting a
* destination in either the $_REQUEST-array (i.e. by using
* the query string of an URI) This is used to direct the user back to
* the proper page after completing a form. For example, after editing
* a post on the 'admin/content'-page or after having logged on using the
* 'user login'-block in a sidebar. The function drupal_get_destination()
* can be used to help set the destination URL.
* If a destination was specified in the current request's URI (i.e.,
* $_GET['destination']) then it will override the $path and $options values
* passed to this function. This provides the flexibility to build a link to
* user/login and override the default redirection so that the user is
* redirected to a specific path after logging in:
* @code
* $destination = array('destination' => "node/$node->nid");
* l(t('Log in'), array('@login' => url('user/login', array('query' => array($destination)))));
* @endcode
* Drupal will ensure that messages set by drupal_set_message() and other
* session data are written to the database before the user is redirected.
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