Commit ce7adc62 authored by Dries Buytaert's avatar Dries Buytaert
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- Patch #82822 by dww and sammys: PostgreSQL fixes.

parent 4ea672bf
......@@ -3155,17 +3155,22 @@ function system_update_1005() {
case 'pgsql':
// add new unsigned types for pgsql
$ret[] = update_sql("CREATE DOMAIN int_unsigned integer CHECK (VALUE >= 0)");
$ret[] = update_sql("CREATE DOMAIN smallint_unsigned smallint CHECK (VALUE >= 0)");
$ret[] = update_sql("CREATE DOMAIN bigint_unsigned bigint CHECK (VALUE >= 0)");
$ret[] = update_sql("CREATE TABLE {node_type} (
type varchar(32) NOT NULL,
name varchar(255) NOT NULL,
module varchar(255) NOT NULL,
description text NOT NULL,
help text NOT NULL,
has_title integer unsigned NOT NULL,
has_title smallint_unsigned NOT NULL,
title_label varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
has_body integer unsigned NOT NULL,
has_body smallint_unsigned NOT NULL,
body_label varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
min_word_count integer unsigned NOT NULL,
min_word_count smallint_unsigned NOT NULL,
custom smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
modified smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
locked smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
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