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Issue #293487 by mr.baileys, lilou, ZenDoodles: Fixed TestingParty08: User password reset.

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......@@ -13,6 +13,12 @@
* Tests resetting a user password.
class UserPasswordResetTest extends WebTestBase {
* The user object to test password resetting.
* @var \Drupal\user\Plugin\Core\Entity\User
protected $account;
public static function getInfo() {
return array(
......@@ -22,39 +28,84 @@ public static function getInfo() {
* Tests password reset functionality.
function testUserPasswordReset() {
public function setUp() {
// Create a user.
$account = $this->drupalCreateUser();
// Activate user by logging in.
$this->account = user_load($account->uid);
// Attempt to reset password.
$edit = array('name' => $account->name);
$this->drupalPost('user/password', $edit, t('E-mail new password'));
// Confirm the password reset.
$this->assertText(t('Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address.'), 'Password reset instructions mailed message displayed.');
* Attempts login using an expired password reset link.
* Tests password reset functionality.
function testUserPasswordResetExpired() {
// Set password reset timeout to 43200 seconds = 12 hours.
config('user.settings')->set('password_reset_timeout', 43200)->save();
// Create a user.
$account = $this->drupalCreateUser();
// Load real user object.
$account = user_load($account->uid, TRUE);
function testUserPasswordReset() {
// Try to reset the password for an invalid account.
$edit = array('name' => $this->randomName(32));
$this->drupalPost(NULL, $edit, t('E-mail new password'));
$this->assertText(t('Sorry, @name is not recognized as a username or an e-mail address.', array('@name' => $edit['name'])), 'Validation error message shown when trying to request password for invalid account.');
$this->assertEqual(count($this->drupalGetMails(array('id' => 'user_password_reset'))), 0, t('No e-mail was sent when requesting a password for an invalid account.'));
// Reset the password by username via the password reset page.
$edit['name'] = $this->account->name;
$this->drupalPost(NULL, $edit, t('E-mail new password'));
// Verify that the user was sent an e-mail.
$this->assertMail('to', $this->account->mail, t('Password e-mail sent to user.'));
$subject = t('Replacement login information for @username at @site', array('@username' => $this->account->name, '@site' => variable_get('site_name', 'Drupal')));
$this->assertMail('subject', $subject, 'Password reset e-mail subject is correct.');
$resetURL = $this->getResetURL();
// Check the one-time login page.
$this->assertText($this->account->name, 'One-time login page contains the correct username.');
$this->assertText(t('This login can be used only once.'), 'Found warning about one-time login.');
// Check successful login.
$this->drupalPost(NULL, NULL, t('Log in'));
$this->assertLink(t('Log out'));
$this->assertTitle(t('@name | @site', array('@name' => $this->account->name, '@site' => variable_get('site_name', 'Drupal'))), 'Logged in using password reset link.');
// Log out, and try to log in again using the same one-time link.
$this->assertText(t('You have tried to use a one-time login link that has either been used or is no longer valid. Please request a new one using the form below.'), 'One-time link is no longer valid.');
// Request a new password again, this time using the e-mail address.
// Count email messages before to compare with after.
$before = count($this->drupalGetMails(array('id' => 'user_password_reset')));
$edit['name'] = $this->account->mail;
$this->drupalPost(NULL, $edit, t('E-mail new password'));
$this->assertTrue( count($this->drupalGetMails(array('id' => 'user_password_reset'))) === $before + 1, 'E-mail sent when requesting password reset using e-mail address.');
// To attempt an expired password reset, create a password reset link as if
// its request time was 60 seconds older than the allowed limit of timeout.
// Create a password reset link as if the request time was 60 seconds older than the allowed limit.
$timeout = config('user.settings')->get('password_reset_timeout');
$bogus_timestamp = REQUEST_TIME - $timeout - 60;
$this->drupalGet("user/reset/$account->uid/$bogus_timestamp/" . user_pass_rehash($account->pass, $bogus_timestamp, $account->login));
$_uid = $this->account->uid;
$this->drupalGet("user/reset/$_uid/$bogus_timestamp/" . user_pass_rehash($this->account->pass, $bogus_timestamp, $this->account->login));
$this->assertText(t('You have tried to use a one-time login link that has expired. Please request a new one using the form below.'), 'Expired password reset request rejected.');
* Retrieves password reset e-mail and extracts the login link.
public function getResetURL() {
// Assume the most recent email.
$_emails = $this->drupalGetMails();
$email = end($_emails);
$urls = array();
preg_match('#.+user/reset/.+#', $email['body'], $urls);
return $urls[0];
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