Commit b12d8436 authored by damiankloip's avatar damiankloip Committed by tim.plunkett
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Added initial save tests

parent 283d9f90
......@@ -120,10 +120,37 @@ function testConfigurableCRUD() {
$this->assertTrue($created instanceof View, 'Created object is a View.');
// Check that the View contains all of the properties.
foreach ($this->config_properties as $property) {
$this->assertTrue(isset($view->{$property}), format_string('Property: @property created on View.', array('@property' => $property)));
$properties = $this->config_properties;
// Test all properties except displays.
foreach ($properties as $property) {
$this->assertTrue(isset($created->{$property}), format_string('Property: @property created on View.', array('@property' => $property)));
$this->assertIdentical($values[$property], $created->{$property}, format_string('Property value: @property matches configuration value.', array('@property' => $property)));
// Test created displays.
foreach ($created->display as $key => $display) {
$this->assertTrue($display instanceof ViewsDisplay, format_string('Display @display is an instance of ViewsDisplay.', array('@display' => $key)));
// Save the newly created view, but modify the name.
// $created->set('name', 'archive_copy');
// $created->save();
// // Load the newly saved config.
// $config = config('views.view.archive_copy');
// $this->assertFalse($config->isNew(), 'Loaded configuration is not new.');
// Change a value and save.
$view->tag = 'changed';
// Check value have been written to config.
$config = config('views.view.archive')->get();
$this->assertEqual($view->tag, $config['tag'], 'View property saved to config.');
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