Commit b0ccdd86 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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#477018 by tic2000: Fix falsely-triggered JS alert when moving blocks.

parent a00ddd79
......@@ -25,7 +25,9 @@ Drupal.behaviors.blockDrag = {
// Add a handler so when a row is dropped, update fields dropped into new regions.
tableDrag.onDrop = function () {
dragObject = this;
var regionRow = $(dragObject.rowObject.element).prev('tr').get(0);
// Use "region-message" row instead of "region" row because
// "region-{region_name}-message" is less prone to regexp match errors.
var regionRow = $(dragObject.rowObject.element).prevAll('tr.region-message').get(0);
var regionName = regionRow.className.replace(/([^ ]+[ ]+)*region-([^ ]+)-message([ ]+[^ ]+)*/, '$2');
var regionField = $('select.block-region-select', dragObject.rowObject.element);
// Check whether the newly picked region is available for this block.
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