Commit b0918738 authored by dawehner's avatar dawehner Committed by tim.plunkett
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another approach to fix the wizard tests

parent 18e56381
......@@ -671,7 +671,7 @@ protected function default_display_filters_user($form, $form_state) {
// Check whether the bundle key filter handler is or an child of it in_operator
// If it's not just use a single value instead of an array.
$handler = $table_data[$bundle_key]['filter']['id'];
if ($handler == 'in_operator' || is_subclass_of($handler, 'Drupal\views\Plugin\views\filter\InOperator')) {
if ($handler == 'in_operator' || is_subclass_of($handler, 'Drupal\\views\\Plugin\\views\\filter\\InOperator')) {
$value = drupal_map_assoc(array($form_state['values']['show']['type']));
else {
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