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- Patch #218539 by keith.smith: mentioned the security team and the security...

- Patch #218539 by keith.smith: mentioned the security team and the security bug report process in the INSTALL.txt
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......@@ -315,9 +315,16 @@ configuration, see step 6 above.
For platform specific configuration issues and other installation and
administration assistance, please consult the Drupal handbook at You can view the wide range of other support options
available at
- For additional documentation, see the online Drupal handbook at
- For a list of security announcements, see the "Security announcements" page
at (available as an RSS feed). This page also
describes how to subscribe to these announcements via e-mail.
- For information about the Drupal security process, or to find out how to report
a potential security issue to the Drupal security team, see the "Security team"
page at
- For information about the wide range of available support options, see the
"Support" page at
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