Commit aafedfb3 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- We'll no longer need submit.php: it is going to be replaced by functions
  in the new node.module.
parent bf176c1d
// $Id$
include_once "includes/";
if (user_access("post content")) {
if ($mod) {
module_invoke($mod, "user");
else {
foreach (module_list() as $name) {
if (module_hook($name, "user")) {
$options .= "<option value=\"$name\">". t($name) ."</option>";
$form .= form_item(t("Submission type"), "<SELECT NAME=\"mod\">$options</SELECT>");
$form .= form_submit(t("Next step"));
$output .= form($form, "get");
$theme->box(t("Submit"), $output);
else {
$theme->box(t("Submit"), message_access());
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