Unverified Commit a8a6638e authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #3139132 by Beakerboy, daffie: Query uses hardcoded LIMIT instead of queryRange()

parent 9eb7a173
......@@ -192,7 +192,9 @@ public function testBigPipe() {
// Verify that the two expected exceptions are logged as errors.
$this->assertEqual($log_count + 2, $connection->query('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {watchdog}')->fetchField(), 'Two new watchdog entries.');
$records = $connection->query('SELECT * FROM {watchdog} ORDER BY wid DESC LIMIT 2')->fetchAll();
// Using the method queryRange() allows contrib database drivers the ability
// to insert their own limit and offset functionality.
$records = $connection->queryRange('SELECT * FROM {watchdog} ORDER BY wid DESC', 0, 2)->fetchAll();
$this->assertEqual(RfcLogLevel::ERROR, $records[0]->severity);
$this->assertStringContainsString('Oh noes!', (string) unserialize($records[0]->variables)['@message']);
$this->assertEqual(RfcLogLevel::ERROR, $records[1]->severity);
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