Commit a7845659 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy

#99011: FILE_WRITEABLE typofix to FILE_WRITABLE, patch by myself

parent d7681a35
......@@ -156,23 +156,23 @@ function install_change_settings($profile = 'default', $install_locale = '') {
// The existing database settings are not working, so we need write access
// to settings.php to change them.
$writeable = FALSE;
$writable = FALSE;
$file = $conf_path;
// Verify the directory exists.
if (drupal_verify_install_file($conf_path, FILE_EXIST, 'dir')) {
// Check to see if a settings.php already exists
if (drupal_verify_install_file($settings_file, FILE_EXIST)) {
// If it does, make sure it is writeable
$writeable = drupal_verify_install_file($settings_file, FILE_READABLE|FILE_WRITEABLE);
// If it does, make sure it is writable
$writable = drupal_verify_install_file($settings_file, FILE_READABLE|FILE_WRITABLE);
$file = $settings_file;
else {
// If not, makes sure the directory is.
$writeable = drupal_verify_install_file($conf_path, FILE_READABLE|FILE_WRITEABLE, 'dir');
$writable = drupal_verify_install_file($conf_path, FILE_READABLE|FILE_WRITABLE, 'dir');
if (!$writeable) {
if (!$writable) {
drupal_set_message(st('The @drupal installer requires write permissions to %file during the installation process.', array('@drupal' => drupal_install_profile_name(), '%file' => $file)), 'error');
drupal_set_title(st('Drupal database setup'));
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