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Issue #1343768 by JamesOakley, eMPee584: Fixed make...

Issue #1343768 by JamesOakley, eMPee584: Fixed make update_calculate_project_update_status() work nicely with HEAD releases.
parent 2f2dfda7
......@@ -593,7 +593,10 @@ function update_calculate_project_update_status(&$project_data, $available) {
// See if this is a higher major version than our target and yet still
// supported. If so, record it as an "Also available" release.
if ($release['version_major'] > $target_major) {
// Note: Some projects have a HEAD release from CVS days, which could
// be one of those being compared. They would not have version_major
// set, so we must call isset first.
if (isset($release['version_major']) && $release['version_major'] > $target_major) {
if (in_array($release['version_major'], $supported_majors)) {
if (!isset($project_data['also'])) {
$project_data['also'] = array();
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