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Issue #735154 by jhodgdon, pwolanin: Fixed...

Issue #735154 by jhodgdon, pwolanin: Fixed search_touch_node()/search_mark_for_reindex() should not update if already touched.
parent 4e681e62
......@@ -184,6 +184,26 @@ function testMultilingualSearch() {
// Mark one node for reindexing by saving it, and verify indexing status.
$this->assertIndexCounts(1, 3, 'after marking one node to reindex via save');
// The request time is always the same throughout test runs. Update the
// request time to a previous time, to simulate it having been marked
// previously.
$current = REQUEST_TIME;
$old = $current - 10;
->fields(array('reindex' => $old))
->condition('reindex', $current, '>=')
// Save the node again. Verify that the request time on it is not updated.
$result = db_select('search_dataset', 'd')
->fields('d', array('reindex'))
->condition('type', 'node_search')
->condition('sid', $this->searchable_nodes[1]->id())
$this->assertEqual($result, $old, 'Reindex time was not updated if node was already marked');
......@@ -535,6 +535,9 @@ function search_mark_for_reindex($type, $sid) {
->fields(array('reindex' => REQUEST_TIME))
->condition('type', $type)
->condition('sid', $sid)
// Only mark items that were not previously marked for reindex, so that
// marked items maintain their priority by request time.
->condition('reindex', 0)
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