Commit 9b3c7eb4 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

#561278 by Arancaytar: Fixed installation profile name escaping.

parent d4a597fd
......@@ -1415,7 +1415,7 @@ function install_import_locales_remaining(&$install_state) {
* A message informing the user that the installation is complete.
function install_finished(&$install_state) {
drupal_set_title(st('@drupal installation complete', array('@drupal' => drupal_install_profile_name())));
drupal_set_title(st('@drupal installation complete', array('@drupal' => drupal_install_profile_name())), PASS_THROUGH);
$messages = drupal_set_message();
$output = '<p>' . st('Congratulations, @drupal has been successfully installed.', array('@drupal' => drupal_install_profile_name())) . '</p>';
$output .= '<p>' . (isset($messages['error']) ? st('Review the messages above before continuing on to <a href="@url">your new site</a>.', array('@url' => url(''))) : st('You may now visit <a href="@url">your new site</a>.', array('@url' => url('')))) . '</p>';
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