Commit 95f92686 authored by Kjartan's avatar Kjartan
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- Modified conf_init() to use default.conf if nothing else can be found.
- Added some comments to hostname.conf to reflect the changes and
  provide more information on how to rename the file.

- The Drupal handbook should be updated once the CVS version is released.
- Should try to remove the remainder of info from hostname.conf and go for a
  completely web-based administration if possible.
- Does having all the settings in a SQL database make Drupal add more
  overhead than including a .conf file? If nobody knows for sure some tests
  should be done. If yes, concider having the admin interface generate an
  include file in addition to saving to the database.
parent 4f6b2151
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ function conf_init() {
while ($file && !file_exists("includes/$file.conf")) {
$file = substr($file, 0, strrpos($file, "."));
if (empty($file) && file_exists("includes/default.conf")) $file = "default";
return $file;
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