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#197425 by lilou, Nick Lewis, mooffie, and friends: Add <blockquote> to list...

#197425 by lilou, Nick Lewis, mooffie, and friends: Add <blockquote> to list of default allowed HTML tags.
parent 8f22cd5a
......@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ function filter_filter_tips($delta, $format, $long = FALSE) {
global $base_url;
switch ($delta) {
case 0:
if ($allowed_html = variable_get("allowed_html_$format", '<a> <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd>')) {
if ($allowed_html = variable_get("allowed_html_$format", '<a> <em> <strong> <cite> <blockquote> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd>')) {
switch ($long) {
case 0:
return t('Allowed HTML tags: @tags', array('@tags' => $allowed_html));
......@@ -660,7 +660,7 @@ function _filter_html_settings($format) {
$form['filter_html']["allowed_html_$format"] = array(
'#type' => 'textfield',
'#title' => t('Allowed HTML tags'),
'#default_value' => variable_get("allowed_html_$format", '<a> <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd>'),
'#default_value' => variable_get("allowed_html_$format", '<a> <em> <strong> <cite> <blockquote> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd>'),
'#size' => 64,
'#maxlength' => 1024,
'#description' => t('Specify a list of tags which should not be stripped. (Note that JavaScript event attributes are always stripped.)'),
......@@ -684,7 +684,7 @@ function _filter_html_settings($format) {
* HTML filter. Provides filtering of input into accepted HTML.
function _filter_html($text, $format) {
$allowed_tags = preg_split('/\s+|<|>/', variable_get("allowed_html_$format", '<a> <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd>'), -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
$allowed_tags = preg_split('/\s+|<|>/', variable_get("allowed_html_$format", '<a> <em> <strong> <cite> <blockquote> <code> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd>'), -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
$text = filter_xss($text, $allowed_tags);
if (variable_get("filter_html_nofollow_$format", FALSE)) {
......@@ -938,7 +938,7 @@ function filter_xss_admin($string) {
* @param $allowed_tags
* An array of allowed tags.
function filter_xss($string, $allowed_tags = array('a', 'em', 'strong', 'cite', 'code', 'ul', 'ol', 'li', 'dl', 'dt', 'dd')) {
function filter_xss($string, $allowed_tags = array('a', 'em', 'strong', 'cite', 'blockquote', 'code', 'ul', 'ol', 'li', 'dl', 'dt', 'dd')) {
// Only operate on valid UTF-8 strings. This is necessary to prevent cross
// site scripting issues on Internet Explorer 6.
if (!drupal_validate_utf8($string)) {
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