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Issue #2614202 by alexpott, felribeiro, dawehner, catch:...

Issue #2614202 by alexpott, felribeiro, dawehner, catch: CoreServiceProvider::registerUuid() assumes all environments have the same functions available
parent c655b168
......@@ -750,11 +750,20 @@ public function updateModules(array $module_list, array $module_filenames = arra
* Returns the container cache key based on the environment.
* The 'environment' consists of:
* - The kernel environment string.
* - The Drupal version constant.
* - The deployment identifier from settings.php. This allows custom
* deployments to force a container rebuild.
* - The operating system running PHP. This allows compiler passes to optimize
* services for different operating systems.
* - The paths to any additional container YAMLs from settings.php.
* @return string
* The cache key used for the service container.
protected function getContainerCacheKey() {
$parts = array('service_container', $this->environment, \Drupal::VERSION, Settings::get('deployment_identifier'), serialize(Settings::get('container_yamls')));
$parts = array('service_container', $this->environment, \Drupal::VERSION, Settings::get('deployment_identifier'), PHP_OS, serialize(Settings::get('container_yamls')));
return implode(':', $parts);
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