Commit 8fe0fd00 authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #2176721 by maartendeblock, nod_: 'Back to site' button does not...

Issue #2176721 by maartendeblock, nod_: 'Back to site' button does not preserve URL's language prefix and querystring.
parent b3e112fe
......@@ -9,13 +9,14 @@
var pathInfo = drupalSettings.path;
var escapeAdminPath = sessionStorage.getItem('escapeAdminPath');
var windowLocation = window.location;
// Saves the last non-administrative page in the browser to be able to link back
// to it when browsing administrative pages. If there is a destination parameter
// there is not need to save the current path because the page is loaded within
// an existing "workflow".
if (!pathInfo.currentPathIsAdmin && !/destination=/.test( {
sessionStorage.setItem('escapeAdminPath', pathInfo.currentPath);
if (!pathInfo.currentPathIsAdmin && !/destination=/.test( {
sessionStorage.setItem('escapeAdminPath', windowLocation.pathname.substring(pathInfo.basePath.length) +;
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