Commit 8e255c67 authored by Angie Byron's avatar Angie Byron
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Issue #1234848 by mr.baileys, xjm: Fixed language_list() doc is missing return value.

parent bf36c6cd
......@@ -2580,9 +2580,18 @@ function language_types() {
* Get a list of languages set up indexed by the specified key
* Returns a list of installed languages, indexed by the specified key.
* @param $field The field to index the list with.
* @param $field
* (optional) The field to index the list with.
* @return
* An associative array, keyed on the values of $field.
* - If $field is 'weight' or 'enabled', the array is nested, with the outer
* array's values each being associative arrays with language codes as
* keys and language objects as values.
* - For all other values of $field, the array is only one level deep, and
* the array's values are language objects.
function language_list($field = 'language') {
$languages = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);
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