Commit 8a2b5900 authored by Bob Vincent's avatar Bob Vincent Committed by Dries
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Issue #1170538: Add explanatory comments to the example.gitignore file.

parent 8473b2ff
# To use this file simply copy it to .gitignore, and it will cause files like
# your settings.php and user-uploaded files to be excluded from git source
# control. This is a common strategy to avoid accidentally including private
# information in public repositories and patch files.
# A .gitignore file was included in Drupal core for versions 7.2 through 7.8.
# As of Drupal 7.9, this is no longer the case, and any changes made to your
# .gitignore file will no longer be overwritten by core updates.
# Ignore configuration files that may contain sensitive information.
......@@ -5,3 +14,12 @@ sites/*/settings*.php
# If you prefer to store your .gitignore file in the sites/ folder, comment
# or delete the previous settings and uncomment the following ones, instead.
# Ignore configuration files that may contain sensitive information.
# */settings*.php
# Ignore paths that contain user-generated content.
# */files
# */private
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