Commit 86829c14 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #664696 by Crell: fixed typo in drupal_write_record() docblock.

parent 8b752bc1
......@@ -5759,7 +5759,7 @@ function drupal_schema_fields_sql($table, $prefix = NULL) {
* @param $object
* The object to write. This is a reference, as defaults according to
* the schema may be filled in on the object, as well as ID on the serial
* type(s). Both array an object types may be passed.
* type(s). Both array and object types may be passed.
* @param $primary_keys
* If this is an update, specify the primary keys' field names. It is the
* caller's responsibility to know if a record for this object already
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