Commit 7de6cda7 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #1379206 by c31ck, pingers: Fixed Documentation problem with hook_url_outbound_alter().

parent e4e7244d
......@@ -3751,7 +3751,7 @@ function hook_url_inbound_alter(&$path, $original_path, $path_language) {
* @param $path
* The outbound path to alter, not adjusted for path aliases yet. It won't be
* adjusted for path aliases until all modules are finished altering it, thus
* being consistent with hook_url_alter_inbound(), which adjusts for all path
* being consistent with hook_url_inbound_alter(), which adjusts for all path
* aliases before allowing modules to alter it. This may have been altered by
* other modules before this one.
* @param $options
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