Commit 7aba3043 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #1051038 by mr.baileys: incorrect return info on image_style_create_derivative().

parent d654ff6d
......@@ -713,7 +713,11 @@ function image_style_deliver($style, $scheme) {
* Create a new image based on an image style.
* Creates a new image derivative based on an image style.
* Generates an image derivative by creating the destination folder (if it does
* not already exist), applying all image effects defined in $style['effects'],
* and saving a cached version of the resulting image.
* @param $style
* An image style array.
......@@ -721,9 +725,12 @@ function image_style_deliver($style, $scheme) {
* Path of the source file.
* @param $destination
* Path or URI of the destination file.
* @return
* TRUE if an image derivative is generated, FALSE if no image derivative
* is generated. NULL if the derivative is being generated.
* TRUE if an image derivative was generated, or FALSE if the image derivative
* could not be generated.
* @see image_style_load()
function image_style_create_derivative($style, $source, $destination) {
// Get the folder for the final location of this style.
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