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Issue #2369675 by FMB, pstewart: Document that SearchQuery does not support...

Issue #2369675 by FMB, pstewart: Document that SearchQuery does not support orderBy in queries outside of addScore
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......@@ -486,10 +486,10 @@ public function preExecute(SelectInterface $query = NULL) {
* used. However, if at least one call to addScore() has taken place, the
* keyword relevance score is not automatically added.
* Also note that if you call orderBy() directly on the query, search scores
* will not automatically be used to order search results. Your orderBy()
* expression can reference 'calculated_score', which will be the total
* calculated score value.
* Note that you must use this method to add ordering to your searches, and
* not call orderBy() directly, when using the SearchQuery extender. This is
* because of the two-pass system the SearchQuery class uses to normalize
* scores.
* @param string $score
* The score expression, which should evaluate to a number between 0 and 1.
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