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Issue #2167071 by likin: Remove onHTML event from ViewSubscriber - deprecated.

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......@@ -143,36 +143,6 @@ public function onIframeUpload(GetResponseForControllerResultEvent $event) {
return new Response($html);
* Processes a successful controller into an HTTP 200 response.
* Some controllers may not return a response object but simply the body of
* one. The VIEW event is called in that case, to allow us to mutate that
* body into a Response object. In particular we assume that the return from
* an HTML-type response is a render array from a legacy page callback and
* render it.
* @param Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Event\GetResponseForControllerResultEvent $event
* The Event to process.
public function onHtml(GetResponseForControllerResultEvent $event) {
$page_callback_result = $event->getControllerResult();
$request = $event->getRequest();
// Convert string content to a renderable array, so we can set a title.
if (!is_array($page_callback_result)) {
$page_callback_result = array(
'#markup' => $page_callback_result,
// If no title was returned fall back to one defined in the route.
if (!isset($page_callback_result['#title'])) {
$page_callback_result['#title'] = $this->titleResolver->getTitle($request, $request->attributes->get(RouteObjectInterface::ROUTE_OBJECT));
return new Response(drupal_render_page($page_callback_result));
* Registers the methods in this class that should be listeners.
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