Commit 5e576223 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

#308233 by robertDouglass: Tests for the advanced search form.

parent 1c0e1c39
......@@ -196,6 +196,75 @@ class SearchBikeShed extends DrupalWebTestCase {
class SearchAdvancedSearchForm extends DrupalWebTestCase {
protected $node;
* Implementation of getInfo().
function getInfo() {
return array(
'name' => t('Advanced search form'),
'description' => t('Indexes content and tests the advanced search form.'),
'group' => t('Search'),
* Implementation of setUp().
function setUp() {
// Create and login user.
$test_user = $this->drupalCreateUser(array('access content', 'search content', 'use advanced search', 'administer nodes'));
// Create initial node.
$node = $this->drupalCreateNode();
$this->node = $this->drupalCreateNode();
// First update the index. This does the initial processing.
// Then, run the shutdown function. Testing is a unique case where indexing
// and searching has to happen in the same request, so running the shutdown
// function manually is needed to finish the indexing process.
* Test using the search form with GET and POST queries.
* Test using the advanced search form to limit search to pages.
function testNodeType() {
$this->assertTrue($this->node->type == 'page', t('Node type is page.'));
// Assert that the dummy title doesn't equal the real title.
$dummy_title = 'Lorem ipsum';
$this->assertNotEqual($dummy_title, $this->node->title, t("Dummy title doens't equal node title"));
// Search for the dummy title with a GET query.
$this->drupalGet('search/node/' . drupal_urlencode($dummy_title));
$this->assertNoText($this->node->title, t('Page node is not found with dummy title.'));
// Search for the title of the node with a GET query.
$this->drupalGet('search/node/' . drupal_urlencode($this->node->title));
$this->assertText($this->node->title, t('Page node is found with GET query.'));
// Search for the title of the node with a POST query.
$edit = array('or' => $this->node->title);
$this->drupalPost('search/node', $edit, t('Advanced search'));
$this->assertText($this->node->title, t('Page node is found with POST query.'));
// Advanced search type option.
$this->drupalPost('search/node', array_merge($edit, array('type[page]' => 'page')), t('Advanced search'));
$this->assertText($this->node->title, t('Page node is found with POST query and type:page.'));
$this->drupalPost('search/node', array_merge($edit, array('type[article]' => 'article')), t('Advanced search'));
$this->assertText('bike shed', t('Article node is not found with POST query and type:article.'));
class SearchRankingTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
* Implementation of getInfo().
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