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- removed text in upper-right corner

parent 50e97719
......@@ -37,10 +37,7 @@ function header() {
<TD WIDTH="30" ROWSPAN="3">&nbsp;</TD>
<TD><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="themes/marvin/images/logo.gif" ALT="" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
<LI>Create an <A HREF="account.php?op=register">account</A> and <A HREF="submit.php">submit</A> new stories.</LI>
<LI>Send your questions, feedback and bug reports to <A HREF=""></A>.</LI>
<TD ALIGN="right" COLSPAN="2"><SMALL><A HREF="/">home</A> | <A HREF="module.php?mod=faq">faq</A> | <A HREF="module.php?mod=diary">diary</A> | <A HREF="search.php">search</A> | <A HREF="submit.php">submit news</A> | <A HREF="account.php">user account</A></SMALL></TD>
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