Commit 5aa2bad9 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #29283: bluemarine mistakenly loads home page every time.

parent 789dd294
......@@ -13,15 +13,13 @@
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="header">
<td id="logo">
<a href="./" title="Home"><img src="<?php print $logo ?>" alt="Home" /></a>
<h1 class='site-name'><a href="./" title="Home"><?php print $site_name ?></a></h1>
<div class='site-slogan'><?php print $site_slogan ?></div>
<?php if ($logo) { ?><a href="./" title="Home"><img src="<?php print $logo ?>" alt="Home" /></a><?php } ?>
<?php if ($site_name) { ?><h1 class='site-name'><a href="./" title="Home"><?php print $site_name ?></a></h1><?php } ?>
<?php if ($site_slogan) { ?><div class='site-slogan'><?php print $site_slogan ?></div><?php } ?>
<td id="menu">
<div id="secondary"><?php print theme('links', $secondary_links) ?></div>
<div id="primary"><?php print theme('links', $primary_links) ?></div>
<?php if ($secondary_links) { ?><div id="secondary"><?php print theme('links', $secondary_links) ?></div><?php } ?>
<?php if ($primary_links) { ?><div id="primary"><?php print theme('links', $primary_links) ?></div><?php } ?>
<?php if ($search_box) { ?><form action="<?php print $search_url ?>" method="post">
<div id="search">
<input class="form-text" type="text" size="15" value="" name="edit[keys]" alt="<?php print $search_description ?>" />
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