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- Usabilty improvement as per

- Usabilty improvement as per replaced duplicate title with 'Site status'.
parent d7df0ca8
......@@ -816,7 +816,7 @@ function system_site_maintenance_settings() {
$form['site_offline'] = array(
'#type' => 'radios',
'#title' => t('Site maintenance'),
'#title' => t('Site status'),
'#default_value' => variable_get('site_offline', 0),
'#options' => array(t('Online'), t('Off-line')),
'#description' => t('When set to "Online", all visitors will be able to browse your site normally. When set to "Off-line", only users with the "administer site configuration" permission will be able to access your site to perform maintenance; all other visitors will see the site off-line message configured below. Authorized users can log in during "Off-line" mode directly via the <a href="@user-login">user login</a> page.', array('@user-login' => url('user'))),
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