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Issue #2936457 by Berdir, larowlan:...

Issue #2936457 by Berdir, larowlan: views_post_update_filter_placeholder_text() can result in errors in filter plugins due to incomplete definition
parent 4443678c
......@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ function views_post_update_filter_placeholder_text() {
foreach ($display['display_options']['filters'] as $filter_name => &$filter) {
// Any of the children of the modified classes will also be inheriting
// the new settings.
$filter_instance = $filter_manager->createInstance($filter['plugin_id']);
$filter_instance = $filter_manager->getHandler($filter);
if ($filter_instance instanceof StringFilter) {
if (!isset($filter['expose']['placeholder'])) {
$filter['expose']['placeholder'] = '';
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