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Issue #2396553 by nripeshtrivedi, fullerja: field.html.twig documentation on...

Issue #2396553 by nripeshtrivedi, fullerja: field.html.twig documentation on template suggestions is incorrect
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......@@ -7,12 +7,16 @@
* to your theme's directory and customize it, just like customizing other
* Drupal templates such as page.html.twig or node.html.twig.
* For example, for a field named 'body' displayed on the 'article' content
* type, any of the following templates will override this default
* implementation. The first of these templates that exists is used:
* - field--body--article.html.twig
* - field--article.html.twig
* - field--body.html.twig
* Instead of overriding the theming for all fields, you can also just override
* theming for a subset of fields using
* @link themeable Theme hook suggestions. @endlink For example,
* here are some theme hook suggestions that can be used for a field_foo field
* on an article node type:
* - field--node--field-foo--article.html.twig
* - field--node--field-foo.html.twig
* - field--node--article.html.twig
* - field--field-foo.html.twig
* - field--text-with-summary.html.twig
* - field.html.twig
* Available variables:
......@@ -150,6 +150,9 @@
* PLUGIN is the machine name of the particular search plugin type that was
* used for the search (such as node_search or user_search).
* For further information on overriding theme hooks see
* @section sec_alternate_suggestions Altering theme hook suggestions
* Modules can also alter the theme suggestions provided using the mechanisms
* of the previous section. There are two hooks for this: the
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