Commit 56ad560a authored by jhodgdon's avatar jhodgdon

Issue #2426901 by David_Rothstein: Add back various links (especially...

Issue #2426901 by David_Rothstein: Add back various links (especially security-related links) to README.txt that were removed from INSTALL.txt
parent 0bab86f9
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ CONTENTS OF THIS FILE
* Installation profiles
* Appearance
* Developing for Drupal
* More information
......@@ -118,3 +119,21 @@ More about developing:
* Learn from documented Drupal API examples:
* See the online documentation:
* For a list of security announcements, see the "Security advisories" page at (available as an RSS feed). This page also
describes how to subscribe to these announcements via email.
* For information about the Drupal security process, or to find out how to
report a potential security issue to the Drupal security team, see the
"Security team" page at
* For information about the wide range of available support options, visit and click on Community and Support in the top or
bottom navigation.
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