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Issue #1541958 by sun: Split setUp() into specific sub-methods.

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......@@ -1277,29 +1277,40 @@ protected function drupalLogout() {
* Generates a random database prefix, runs the install scripts on the
* prefixed database and enable the specified modules. After installation
* many caches are flushed and the internal browser is setup so that the
* page requests will run on the new prefix. A temporary files directory
* is created with the same name as the database prefix.
* Generates a database prefix for running tests.
* @param ...
* List of modules to enable for the duration of the test. This can be
* either a single array or a variable number of string arguments.
* The generated database table prefix is used for the Drupal installation
* being performed for the test. It is also used as user agent HTTP header
* value by the cURL-based browser of DrupalWebTestCase, which is sent to the
* Drupal installation of the test. During early Drupal bootstrap, the user
* agent HTTP header is parsed, and if it matches, all database queries use
* the database table prefix that has been generated here.
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::curlInitialize()
* @see drupal_valid_test_ua()
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::setUp()
protected function setUp() {
global $user, $language_interface, $conf;
// Generate a temporary prefixed database to ensure that tests have a clean starting point.
protected function prepareDatabasePrefix() {
$this->databasePrefix = 'simpletest' . mt_rand(1000, 1000000);
// As soon as the database prefix is set, the test might start to execute.
// All assertions as well as the SimpleTest batch operations are associated
// with the testId, so the database prefix has to be associated with it.
->fields(array('last_prefix' => $this->databasePrefix))
->condition('test_id', $this->testId)
// Reset all statics and variables to perform tests in a clean environment.
$conf = array();
* Changes the database connection to the prefixed one.
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::setUp()
protected function changeDatabasePrefix() {
if (empty($this->databasePrefix)) {
// Clone the current connection and replace the current prefix.
$connection_info = Database::getConnectionInfo('default');
......@@ -1310,6 +1321,23 @@ protected function setUp() {
Database::addConnectionInfo('default', 'default', $connection_info['default']);
* Prepares the current environment for running the test.
* Backups various current environment variables and resets them, so they do
* not interfere with the Drupal site installation in which tests are executed
* and can be restored in tearDown().
* Also sets up new resources for the testing environment, such as the public
* filesystem and configuration directories.
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::setUp()
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::tearDown()
protected function prepareEnvironment() {
global $user, $language_interface, $conf;
// Store necessary current values before switching to prefixed database.
$this->originalLanguage = $language_interface;
......@@ -1318,22 +1346,12 @@ protected function setUp() {
$this->originalConfigSignatureKey = $GLOBALS['config_signature_key'];
$this->originalFileDirectory = variable_get('file_public_path', conf_path() . '/files');
$this->originalProfile = drupal_get_profile();
$this->originalUser = $user;
// Set to English to prevent exceptions from utf8_truncate() from t()
// during install if the current language is not 'en'.
// The following array/object conversion is copied from language_default().
$language = (object) array(
'langcode' => 'en',
'name' => 'English',
'direction' => 0,
'enabled' => 1,
'weight' => 0,
// Save and clean shutdown callbacks array because it static cached and
// will be changed by the test run. If we don't, then it will contain
// callbacks from both environments. So testing environment will try
// to call handlers from original environment.
// Save and clean the shutdown callbacks array because it is static cached
// and will be changed by the test run. Otherwise it will contain callbacks
// from both environments and the testing environment will try to call the
// handlers defined by the original one.
$callbacks = &drupal_register_shutdown_function();
$this->originalShutdownCallbacks = $callbacks;
$callbacks = array();
......@@ -1341,14 +1359,14 @@ protected function setUp() {
// Create test directory ahead of installation so fatal errors and debug
// information can be logged during installation process.
// Use temporary files directory with the same prefix as the database.
$public_files_directory = $this->originalFileDirectory . '/simpletest/' . substr($this->databasePrefix, 10);
$private_files_directory = $public_files_directory . '/private';
$temp_files_directory = $private_files_directory . '/temp';
$this->public_files_directory = $this->originalFileDirectory . '/simpletest/' . substr($this->databasePrefix, 10);
$this->private_files_directory = $this->public_files_directory . '/private';
$this->temp_files_directory = $this->private_files_directory . '/temp';
// Create the directories
file_prepare_directory($public_files_directory, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY | FILE_MODIFY_PERMISSIONS);
file_prepare_directory($private_files_directory, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY);
file_prepare_directory($temp_files_directory, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY);
file_prepare_directory($this->public_files_directory, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY | FILE_MODIFY_PERMISSIONS);
file_prepare_directory($this->private_files_directory, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY);
file_prepare_directory($this->temp_files_directory, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY);
$this->generatedTestFiles = FALSE;
// Create and set a new configuration directory and signature key.
......@@ -1362,12 +1380,53 @@ protected function setUp() {
// Log fatal errors.
ini_set('log_errors', 1);
ini_set('error_log', $public_files_directory . '/error.log');
ini_set('error_log', $this->public_files_directory . '/error.log');
// Set the test information for use in other parts of Drupal.
$test_info = &$GLOBALS['drupal_test_info'];
$test_info['test_run_id'] = $this->databasePrefix;
$test_info['in_child_site'] = FALSE;
* Sets up a Drupal site for running functional and integration tests.
* Generates a random database prefix and installs Drupal with the specified
* installation profile in DrupalWebTestCase::$profile into the prefixed
* database. Afterwards, installs any additional modules specified by the
* test.
* After installation all caches are flushed and several configuration values
* are reset to the values of the parent site executing the test, since the
* default values may be incompatible with the environment in which tests are
* being executed.
* @param ...
* List of modules to enable for the duration of the test. This can be
* either a single array or a variable number of string arguments.
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::prepareDatabasePrefix()
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::changeDatabasePrefix()
* @see DrupalWebTestCase::prepareEnvironment()
protected function setUp() {
global $user, $language_interface, $conf;
// Create the database prefix for this test.
// Reset all statics and variables to perform tests in a clean environment.
$conf = array();
// Change the database prefix.
// All static variables need to be reset before the database prefix is
// changed, since Drupal\Core\Utility\CacheArray implementations attempt to
// write back to persistent caches when they are destructed.
// Prepare the environment for running tests.
// Preset the 'install_profile' system variable, so the first call into
// system_rebuild_module_data() (in drupal_install_system()) will register
......@@ -1376,15 +1435,16 @@ protected function setUp() {
// profile's hook_install() and other hook implementations are never invoked.
$conf['install_profile'] = $this->profile;
// Perform the actual Drupal installation.
include_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/core/includes/';
// Set path variables.
variable_set('file_public_path', $public_files_directory);
variable_set('file_private_path', $private_files_directory);
variable_set('file_temporary_path', $temp_files_directory);
variable_set('file_public_path', $this->public_files_directory);
variable_set('file_private_path', $this->private_files_directory);
variable_set('file_temporary_path', $this->temp_files_directory);
// Set the 'simpletest_parent_profile' variable to add the parent profile's
// search path to the child site's search paths.
......@@ -1427,17 +1487,19 @@ protected function setUp() {
// the installation process.
// Log in with a clean $user.
$this->originalUser = $user;
// Ensure that the session is not written to the new environment and replace
// the global $user session with uid 1 from the new test site.
// Login as uid 1.
$user = user_load(1);
// Restore necessary variables.
variable_set('install_task', 'done');
variable_set('site_mail', '');
variable_set('date_default_timezone', date_default_timezone_get());
// Set up English language.
$language_interface = language_default();
// Use the test mail class instead of the default mail handler class.
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