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Issue #2762173 by megansanicki, artinst4, YesCT, mradcliffe, a_thakur,...

Issue #2762173 by megansanicki, artinst4, YesCT, mradcliffe, a_thakur, vermauv, cilefen, mathieso, pwolanin, mlhess: Add "composer install" step to install.txt file for when Drupal is downloaded using git
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......@@ -90,6 +90,19 @@ INSTALLATION
mv drupal-x.y.z/* drupal-x.y.z/.htaccess drupal-x.y.z/.csslintrc drupal-x.y.z/.editorconfig drupal-x.y.z/.eslintignore drupal-x.y.z/.eslintrc drupal-x.y.z/.gitattributes /path/to/your/installation
You can also download the latest version of Drupal using Git on the command
line and set up a repository by following the instructions at for "Setting up
repository for the first time".
Once you have downloaded Drupal successfully, you may install Composer
globally using the instructions at
With Composer installed, run the following command from the Drupal web root:
composer install
2. Create the Drupal database.
Because Drupal stores all site information in a database, the Drupal
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