Commit 4bbff164 authored by webchick's avatar webchick

Issue #1831636 by claudinec, jlscott, thsutton, chrischinchilla, moe4715,...

Issue #1831636 by claudinec, jlscott, thsutton, chrischinchilla, moe4715, ancamp, YesCT, kbasarab: Reword error message about incompatible translation formats.
parent 1c408b7c
......@@ -847,7 +847,7 @@ function translation_entity_language_configuration_element_validate($element, ar
// @todo Set the correct form element name as soon as the element parents
// are correctly set. We should be using NestedArray::getValue() but for
// now we cannot.
form_set_error('', t('Translation is not supported if language is always one of: @locked_languages', array('@locked_languages' => implode(', ', $locked_languages))));
form_set_error('', t('"Show language selector" is not compatible with translating content that has default language: %choice. Either do not hide the language selector or pick a specific language.', array('%choice' => $locked_languages[$values['langcode']])));
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