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......@@ -12,10 +12,15 @@ drupal 1.xx, xx/xx/2001
- added "user ratings" similar to SlashCode's karma or Scoop's mojo.
- added "search infractructure":
* improved search page and integrated search functionality in the administration pages.
- changed the "open submission queue" into an optional module
- added translation / localization / internationalization support:
* because many people love see their website showing a lot less of English, and far more of their own language, drupal provides a framework to setup a multi-lingual website or to overwrite the default English text in English.
- changed the "open submission queue" into a (optional) module
- various updates:
* improved cron-module
* improved module-module
* improved block module
* improved cron module
* improved diary module
* improved headline module
* improved module module
- revised documentation
drupal 1.00, 15/01/2001
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